Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a new way of managing and doing business, in which the company ensures that its operations are sustainable in 3 dimensions: economic, social, and environmental, creating values for society as a whole, recognizing the different stakeholders with which it engages (shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, the general public, the environment, etc.).

Corporate Social Responsibility implies going beyond what is established by legal regulations, it is the voluntary commitment that the company has with the environment.

Agripac is committed to supporting and involving our personnel in the management of this program (CSR) at the highest level. The activities carried out cover a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from topics related to our work to those related to our customers, suppliers, employees, and the environment.

Sustainability Reports

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In 1994 we realized there was a need for a highly-trained workforce and so we started the Agripac Postgraduate Program.


The Maize Subsidy Program is an initiative that began 20 years ago to contribute to the agricultural development of our small and medium producers, which became a successful long-term project.