Agripac Postgraduate

Imagen de dos agricultores novatos aprendiendo a cosechar en el campo

In 1994 we realized there was a need for a highly-trained workforce and so we started the Agripac Postgraduate Program. It is aimed at recruiting young university students studying subjects related to our business with the intention of incorporating new specialized technical and commercial advisors into our company.

"The program consists of an intensive five week induction, with theorectical and practical courses, on the production processes of our nine divisions. Applications open during the months of July and August and the program is based in Guayaquil and Quito." There are between 23 and 30 candidates selected each year to undergo the training process.

There are 30 classes focussed on sales at different locations Guayaquil, Amaguaña, Milagro, Babahoyo, Portoviejo, Daule, Ibarra, Cayambe, Machachi, and 12 management classes based in Guayaquil.

Those selected will initially be recruited in warehouses where the company requires new staff. Through internships, candidates can demonstrate their skills and commitment to our company's policies. The young professionals learn what it means to belong to Agripac and determine if working in the agro-industrial sector is their vocation. Subsequently, they undergo the training process.

  • • 30 graduating classes from “Agripac Postgraduate Program”
  • • Theoretical and practical program
  • • 5 induction weeks
  • • 30 classes in Guayaquil

  • • Honesty
  • • Positive Attitude
  • • Ethics
  • • Achievement oriented