Our company offers an integrated service of aero fumigation to the agro-industrial sector, specifically banana producers. We offer a reliable and high-quality service.

We have 4 Thrush and 2 Cessna aircrafts fully equipped with GPS, hemisphere, and intelligent flow valves. Also, we have incorporated drone services that allows to be ecofriendly.

We are part of the country’s number one agrochemical company. Our vision seeks to consolidate us as a strategic ally for the Ecuadorian producer, in order to achieve the wellbeing of our business. Our mission is to satisfy our customers with a tangible corporate value using quality technological resources managed by a capable and trustworthy human team.

We are in the following locations:

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    Corporate office
    Address: General Córdova 623 y
    Padre Solano
    PBX: (593) 4 – 3703870
    4 – 2560400
    Email: info@agripac.com.ec

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    Base Norte
    Pista Pasaje : Enrique Moran Muñoz km 5 Vinces - San Juan
    Pista clementina : Vía Auevedo La Esperanza s/n km 10, hcda Clementina
    Contact: Nelson Iturburu
    Phone: 04- 3703870 - 0991112804
    Email: niturburu@agripac.com.ec

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    Base Sur
    Pista pasaje : pista amable s\n vía a cuenca uzahapla, sector la playita
    Contact: ing danilo alvear
    Phone: 0999358749
    Email: dalvear@agripac.com.ec