Tomato variety, determined, 105-to-110-day cultivation cycle, fruit weight 220 gr.


1 GR

Floradade Variety Tomato

Sowing in germination trays. – Germination trays of 128, 162 or 200 grooves are used, fill each cavity with Novarbo Peat, then place a seed in each cavity at a depth of 7 mm, cover the seed with the same substrate and proceed to provide 2 daily irrigations until transplanting.
Transplant. – This work is done 10 to 12 days after planting at the final location, the distance is 5 m between rows and 0.80 m between plants.
Irrigation. – Irrigation frequency is twice per week depending on climatic conditions, soil texture, and crop development.
Soil fertilization. – Apply 6 g of complete granulated fertilizer plus 3 g of urea per plant.
Foliar fertilization (on the plant). – The use of foliar fertilizers such as nutritional complexes and biostimulants is recommended.
Plague and disease control. – Apply KARATE, ACETALAQ, SOLARIS, VERLAQ in doses of 1 cm3 per liter of water.
Harvest. – Carried out 65 days after the sowing. The harvest frequency is of 1 to 2 times per week.