Selective herbicide for the post-emergent control of weeds, perennials, and annuals in maize. More consistent biological efficiency. Easier to handle as it dissolves in water quickly. Less risk of toxicity or contamination.



50 g, 15 g.

It should be done in the early post-emergence on young weeds in active growth stage and on soils of good moisture condition with a pH less than 7. Its application must be made when the maize has a maximum of 4 leaves. 50-60 g/ha of Dublon® Gold WG must be diluted in water to prepare the parent solution. Shake the product to homogenize. Fill ¾ of the container’s with water. Mix, add a preferably non-ionic surfactant or a surfactant, fill the tank with water and shake again. Use a spray equipped with flat fan nozzles providing a good coverage over the weeds. It is necessary for there not to be rain for at least 4 hours after its application.

50 g/ha