Carbonapac 200 Mesh is an inorganic product that, when applied in aquaculture pools, acts as a soil structure improver, disinfectant, and pH regulator.
It directly interferes in the hardening of the shrimp exoskeleton.
It also contributes to habitat conditions in aquaculture pools, increasing micro-algae production.
Its use is recommended for use in aquaculture crops such as fish and shrimp.


200 Microns

40 kg.

Calcium Carbonate

When handling this product personal protection equipment such as gloves, overalls, masks, boots, aprons, and hats must be worn.
Use powder respiratory protection.
Apply the recommended Carbonapac 200 Mesh dose mechanically or manually.
Before applying the product, measure pH, alkalinity, and hardness.
Apply Carbonapac 200 Mesh with field capacity (wet soil).

Soil: The dose will depend on the pH, administer between 100 kg to 1000 kg/ha.
Water: Dissolve 100 kg/ha to accelerate hardening during shrimp molting.