“In the province of Los Rios, in the Los Ángeles area, we have been working in short cycles with maize and soybean crops. Nearly 7 years ago....”

Nicolás Cansing P.

Eng. Agricultural

“The testimonials from our farms attest to the work that has been done with Agripac, which has given the necessary support to successfully work during celebrations such as Valentine's Day ...."

Samantha Bauz

Sales Representative

“We have worked with Agripac since we started the shrimp farm. We start by using 42% feed for our pre-breeding shrimp, then we use 1.2 feed ...."

Jorge Cabrera

Jomarsa Shrimp Farm

“Over the last 20 years I have been the pioneer in growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell pepper ...."

José Rosero

Farmer in Ambato



SVP – (Savings and Value Program)

The plants hosted the relaunch of the Savings and Value Program (SPV).


León 2021 Congress

Starting from the end of this month up until October 2, the most important congress of the veterinarian sector will be held in the Convention Center, the León Small Species Congress (CDVL).


Workshop on the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug use

The different plants and head office hosted workshops on the prevention on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.