Non-selective foliar systemic herbicide which is used for post-emergent control of a broad spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds, both annual and perennial. Technology that combines a unique adjuvant system with the new potassium glyphosate salt. Better absorption for a longer time, distribution, and leaf retention. Does not damage
epidermis cells (biodegradable). Does not require addition of adjuvants.
Better security in its application, application performance in rainy seasons. Reliable,
better control in some weeds.



200 l, 20 l, 5 l, 1 l.

Non-selective systemic herbicide used for the control of annual and perennial weeds. Touchdown IQ ® SL is a systemic action product which is absorbed by the leaves and tender stems of the weeds. It is translocated towards the roots and underground vegetative organs causing the weed’s total death. The active ingredient is quickly deactivated in the ground. As such it is impossible for it to be absorbed by the crop’s roots.
Touchdown IQ ® SL is a non-selective systemic herbicide to be used in post-emergent applications of weeds in banana and potato crops (pre-seeding).
Touchdown IQ ® SL controls annual and perennial grasses, Cyperaceae and broadleaf weeds in general.
Apply when the weeds are in active growth, with a height between 20 to 40 cm, ensure a good coverage. The application must be directed to the weeds. Avoid the product’s contact with the foliage, stems, or any part of the treated crop. Avoid any drift, do not apply when it is windy. Repeat the application in patches or completely when the weeds have the appropriate height. Use high dosage when the foliage is dense, or the weeds are taller.
For Bananas and Palm: apply periodically directed to the crown, according to the weed’s growth and development. For rice and corn: apply in pre-planting with zero or minimum tillage or after soil preparation, before starting planting.

From 1 to 2 L/Ha for Banana, Palm, Rice, and Maize plantations.