Fertilizer for aquaculture use.
Specifically formulated for different salinity zones, maintaining the ratio and balance of Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Silicate nutrients, that favor the normal growth, production, and stability of plankton.
Ideal fertilizer for the production and maintenance of Diatom algae.



30 kg

Ammonium Nitrate

When handling this product personal protection equipment such as gloves, overalls, boots, and hats must be worn.
Apply the recommended PHYTOBLOOM 4–1 dose mechanically or manually.

Soil: Use the 30 to 60 kg/ha dose. Directly over the area of the aquaculture pools. Wet Soil.
Use an initial dose between 15 to 30 kg/ha. Directly or dissolved in water over the area of the aquaculture pools. The farming dose will depend on pool turbidity.