Fungicide with a dispersible granule formulation based on mancozeb in the form of micro-granules, suspendable in water, and to be used in sprays for the control of fungal diseases in plants. Water dispersible granule formulation type fungicide. Mancozeb is a protectant (it creates a protective layer on the plant surface) and belongs to the group of ethylene-bisdithiocarbamates, which inhibit the germination of fungal spores and affect fungal respiration by acting on the Krebs cycle.



25 kg, 5 kg.

Apply only once per crop cycle or cultivation within an Integrated Management Program If more applications are required other products with a different action mechanism or chemical group must be used. Apply the fungicide by foliar spraying downwind, with manual or automatic pump according to availability. Spraying equipment must be calibrated and in a good state. Do not apply when there is wind with a speed of over 10 km/h. Apply during the fresher hours of the day to reduce the losses due to drift or evaporation to the minimum. Unclog spray nozzles or spray nozzles only with gloved hands. For a good coverage of the crop, a minimum volume of 100-200 liters per hectare should be used. If the mixture includes insecticides and/or fungicides, these should be mixed separately in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

2.0 Kg/Ha