Post-emergent contact herbicide that quickly eliminates most broadleaf and narrowleaf weeds.
Broad control spectrum controls all types of weeds.
Fast acting: acts quickly, allowing for the harvest to done earlier, which facilitates an optimal land use.
Water resistant: after 30 minutes, the rain does not affect its activity thanks to its quick penetration.
Inactivate in soil: it is not phytotoxic to the planted crop and has no negative effects on ground fertility.
Non-volatile: it does not emit vapors that affect neighboring crops.



200 l, 5 gal, 1 gal, 5 l, 1 l, 500 ml.

Paraquat is a contact herbicide used to control or suppress a broad range of emergent weeds. Paraquat is absorbed only by the green organs of the plants. It acts when exposed to light and the green parts of the plants that are in contact with it are desiccated. After its application the penetration through the foliar surface happens almost immediately. This absorption is increased by high intensity light and humidity as well as by the addition of non-ionic coadjuvants in its preparation. The rate of cell destruction is generally too rapid to allow any measurable translocation in the treated leaf to occur (application on cloudy days or at night allows some movement of paraquat within the plant). GRAMOXONE ® NF is a post-emergent contact herbicide that quickly eliminates most broadleaf and narrowleaf weeds. The elimination of weeds is generally complete in three to four days. GRAMAXONE NF requires for the weeds to be controlled and in active growth. A good coverage of all the foliage is essential for an efficient weed control. GRAMOXONE ® NF is not as effective over withered weeds or weeds with limited green foliage. It does not cause any damage when sprayed on mature bark of trees or vines, but it does cause damage if sprayed on the green parts of cultivated plants. Upon contact with soil GRAMOXONE® NF is inactivated because it is absorbed by clay and organic material. As a result, GRAMOXONE® NF, does not have residual activity on soil which can affect future crops. Since GRAMOXONE® NF is rapidly absorbed by weed foliage, rainfall 15 – 30 minutes after application will have no effect on GRAMOXONE® NF activity.

Mix the GRAMOXONE dose in 300 lt of water per hectare.

1.5 a 2.0 L/Ha