Pelletized balanced feed for shrimp farming.
Premium Line: targeted to with densities of up to 12,000 per Ha of high digestibility with the best feed conversion.


25 kg

Soybean and by-products, wheat and by-products, fish meal, dust, palm kernel, fish oil, corn, nucleus 28% ULTRA, magnesium chloride, hydrolyzed fish, hydrolyzed shrimp, squid meal, lecithin, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, binder (polymethylcarbimide), bacteriostatic (mixture of organic acids and essential oils), mineral premix, choline chloride, vitamin premix, amino acid premix, antifungal preservative (propionic acid and/or its salts), vitamin C, antioxidant (BHT).

Balanced feed 28% Premium can be provided to adult and young shrimp.
The use of tables is recommended at the discretion of the responsible.

According to the technical criteria.