Post-emergent, systemic, and selective hormonal herbicide. It rapidly penetrates the leaves and stems of emerged seedlings and is translocated to the growing points, restricting normal cell division and elongation. Additionally, it interferes in the metabolism of the nucleic acids, respiration, photosynthesis, and ATP production.



1/2 LT – 1 L – 10 L – 1 GL – 200LT – 5 GL – 1000 LT

For the preparation of the mixture, fill half of a spray tank with water, pour the specified dosage of AMINAPAC® 720, shake well until a homogeneous solution is obtained, continue adding water until the required volume is reached.
Do not apply under conditions that may affect results: dust on leaves, muddy water with high organic matter content, excessive dew on leaves. Calibrating the spraying equipment is recommended to obtain a uniform distribution.
Make a single post-emergence application to weeds and when the maize has a maximum of four to five functional leaves (selective product). After this, do not apply as it can cause damages to the crop. All the applications must be directed towards the weeds avoiding the crop.

Maize 0.5 L in 300 L/water per Ha